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Herbal vaporiser

Ogelsby + Butler

Full product renders of form and colour – together with detailed sectional views to allow a complete review of our engineered design for the mechanism in detail.

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Distraction Free Driving


Loop is a new unique system that is especially developed to manage smart phone use while on the road.

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Sanitary ware


1 of 5 washroom products designed and rendered to help marketing and promotion of the units prior to manufacture.

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Industrial flooring


A range of renders designed using detailed production CAD. The renders showcase various floor designs and finishes in situ. This gives potential clients the ability visualise how the floor will look in their particular application before purchase.

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Floor seal systems


Based on detailed production CAD, these illustrations are used to define the action and function for a range of 160 different seals within the Vexcolt portfolio of products.